Katrīna Dimanta és Móser Ádám (Latvian - Hungary)

Jazz Cellar - july 21. wednesday 19:30

A first-time meeting across genres

Katrīna Dimanta is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Riga, Latvia. Born in a family of seven children, she took her first musical steps in her family folklore group. Today she plays several instruments, including the traditional Latvian zither instrument “kokle”, violin, cello, accordion, recorder and ukulele. Katrina has played together with many prominent bands in Latvia, and represented Latvia in the 2014 Eurovision song contest with the group Aarzemnieki. She has spent time teaching Latvian children living in diasporas in the U.S., Australia and Brazil about Latvia and the country’s traditional singing and folklore. She has performed in many festivals all around the globe.

Her first time at Babel Sound, Katrīna will most definitely take us on a beautiful musical trip. We will get a chance to exprience her powerful voice accompanied by the ukulele and the violin in traditional Latvian songs and also some originals. She will entertain us with stories of Latvian festivities and also teach us some folk dance moves. Be ready to participate!

At this special occasion, Katrina will be joined by Hungarian accordion player, Adam Moser, in an exciting collaboration across genres. Adam is known for his passion for tango and chanson, and his devotion to improvisation and playing together with other bands and musicians. In his own words: ”Freedom is the most important thing in the music I write and play. Different kinds of freedom at the same time. I call it French-Balkan-Klezmer-Tango. For me, the tango, just like the chanson, is about the meeting of cultures. It's about the tension that is born along the fault lines of traditions and its release. In both genres I love the infinite openness. And behind everything there is improvisation, which helps to express this cultural diversity.”

The two musicians will be playing together for the first time. A beautiful surprise is surely coming along!