„Egyúton/Growing” (Hungary)

Babel Camp Great Hall - july 24. saturday 18:00

On one Road – “Growing”

The idea came during the quarantine work mode of the near past - and has been developed live.

The group of contemporary dance students had to choose a keyword that is the same source of inspiration for each of them, working on an improvisation-based video separately in their homes. The word that the group eventually chose was “growing”. In which sense? From where? Where to? All individual. They could use any tool, space or sound they wanted, and edited a short video. Now the quarantine is over and we meet on stage, to reflect on these statements live.

Performed by the Contemporary Dance BA students of the Hungarian Dance University, mentored by Katalin Lőrinc dancer, DLA

Music: collage of the individual choices

Video, costumes, lighting: the dancers

The production is supported by the Zoltán Imre Programme of the Hungarian Cultural Fund.