Zefiroth (Hungary)

Jazz Cellar - july 23. friday 19:30

Sephardic music from Hungary

Sepharad comes from the Hebrew word for Spain. Sephardic jews, who lived in the Iberian peninsula, were expelled from their home country by the Spanish inquisition in the 15th cenutry. They fled to North-Africa, the Middle East, North-West-Europe and to the Ottoman Empire. The memories of their lost homes, the stories of their escape and exile, and the different musical treasures they picked up on their way were woven into their songs, which were passed on from one generation to the next in the following centuries. Sephardic songs are about love, springtime, historical figures, some are lullabies or festivity songs, others tell the stories from the Book of Torah. They are sung in the Sephardic native language, the Ladino.

Zefiroth, founded in the summer of 2019 (initially called Sefarad) interpret these songs in their own unique orchestration.

  • Tóth Bernát Réka - Leading vocal, Plucked instruments
  • Vázsonyi János - Flute
  • Horváth Győző - Darbuka, Cajon