NuFolk Global Connections Orchestra (Intarnational)

Babel Camp Main Stage - july 24. saturday 21:00

The global sound of traditional music

Nufolk Global Connections Orchestra represents the future of traditional music. in 2019, six festival organisers from different European countries joined in an international cooperation to realise an ambitious project. 12 professional musicians were selected in an open call and given the opportunity to create an original production of contemporary folk music in a 10-day artistic residency. Reworking their own musical traditions into a modern, up-to-date sound and arrangement, the musicians put together a unique concert repertoire, which debuted in Catania, Sicily in January 2020. The show is now travelling to various locations around Europe, starting at Babel Sound.

The concerts will be recorded and turned into an album, which will be released in the autumn of 2021. After this, NuFolk plans to continue, invinting new musicians and taking the music to further audiences.

  • Deborah Perri - Tambourin, cello
  • Carmelo Siciliano - Mandolin, Bouzuki
  • Ilze Fārte - Mandolin, Kokle, Leading vocal
  • Katrīna Dimanta - Leading vocal, Violin
  • Guus Herremans - Diatonic accordion
  • Marieke Van Ransbeeck - Bagpipe
  • Inci Fekete - Leading vocal, Violin
  • Krisztián Almási - Drum
  • Signe Kierkgaard Schmidt - Violin
  • Benjamin Bech - Clarinet
  • Luiz Murá - Guitar, Leading vocal
  • Ernesto Vargas - Double bass