D.A.S. Trió (Hungary)

Jazz Cellar - july 20. tuesday 19:30

D.A.S. Trio is a group formed in 2014 in Budapest. Making music has always been the dream of the talented, young members. Their goal is to create a unique sound with a wide range of emotions, using the language of music to express their feelings and tell stories.

They play jazz-fusion and jazz-rock but their music is heavily influenced by each member’s individual taste and style. They’ve been participating in several music competitions from the get-go and achieved excellent results. They worked together with as wellknown musicians as Vincent Mascart, Luca Kezdy, Edina Szirtes “Mokus”, Peter Lukacs and Mike Gotthard.

Their first, self-titled album came out in 2015, supported by the Cseh Tamás Program.

In January 2017 bassist Adam Sardi joined the group and the band kicked off their first tour in May. They regularly play shows in Hungary and toured in Eastern Europe.

Their usual program is 70 minutes long and it includes several new, unrecorded compositions as well as original songs from their album and rearranged jazz standards.Their music is for everyone who loves music regardless of age'

  • Nagy Ábel Márton - Guitar, Leading vocal, Piano
  • Sárdi Ádám - Bass guitar
  • Fábry Adonisz Donka - Drum