Accommodation at the Babel Camp is provided exclusively for those with a ”Festival package” room reservation.

Camping, bivaking, sleeping in a van or any other form of unofficial lodging is strictly forbidden, even for weekly pass holders!

LIMITED OFFER! – Book your room now!

We have 22 beds available for booking at the Babel Camp (the venue of the Babel Sound Lite Festival), only with weekly ticket purchase. Please read the following information before booking!

Accommodation is available in 2, 3 and 5-bed hostel rooms. Shared shower and toilet facilities on the common corridor, and a small kitchenette in the common area.

Rooms are only sold in a ”Festival Package”. The price includes 6 nights from 19 to 25 July (arrival/departure), with the maximum room capacity (e.g. a 3-bed room can only be booked for 3 people) and the price of the weekly passes for the Babel Sound Lite Festival, according to the number of guests (e.g.: 3 weekly passes for a 3-bed room).

The price of the rooms is 6000 HUF/person/night. The weekly pass is 15 000 HUF/person. (The Festival packages do not include tourist tax, which is payable on arrival at the venue.)

Fix price for a 2-bed room: 72.000 HUF accommodation + 30.000 HUF weekly pass = 102.000 HUF

Fix price for a 3-bed room: 108.000 HUF accommodation + 45.000 HUF weekly passes = 153.000 HUF

Fix price for a 5-bed room: 180.000 HUF accommodation + 75.000 HUF weekly passes = 255.000 HUF

These rooms can only be booked by paying the Festival Package price in one sum. The steps are as follows

1. Click on the booking link below, then select 19 July at Érkezés and 25 July at Távozás.

2. Click on Tovább, fill in the booking form with your details and submit your booking request!

3. You will receive an email with your booking request and the invoice with the account number for the bank transfer.

4. Transfer the indicated amount (i.e. the Festival Package fee) to the bank account number in one sum!

5. We finalise your booking once the amount has been received. We can hold your reservation for 48 hours. If we have not received the transfer by then, we will cancel your booking request.


If you have any further questions, please send an emailt to!

There is no refund after the finalisation of a booking request. (Except in the case of a vis major, if the Festival is cancelled by the organisers. In this case, the full amount, i.e. room and weekly tickets, will be refunded.)

Please note that these rooms are located in the Festival area, near the music stages. Accordingly, we cannot accept any complaints regarding factors due to the nature of the Festival (e.g. loud music, noise, etc.).

Apart from this limited offer, we cannot assist with other accommodation arrangements. For booking accommodation outside Babel Camp, we recommend the following sites: